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Making Your Studio Comfortable For Clients

Making Your Studio Comfortable For Clients

I wanted to talk about someone special to me today. A friend that has given me guidance when needed and help inside of my studio from time to time. Recently, our studio was a mess. Not the mess in a dirty kind of way, but a mess with keeping my clients comfortable while actually inside of the studio. Our air conditioning went out and the building is very well insulated. We had a few warmer days and the office became more like a sauna than a photography studio.

We do not know the luxury that comes with being able to regulate the temperature of our area until we are no longer able to do so. The AC went out a couple of months back but I did not have a reason to use it so it had slipped my mind. Then came the mini heat wave. I had to reschedule multiple appointments solely because it was just not going to be comfortable in the studio to work, nor would it be for the clients. This impacted my month drastically.

Times will get tough for any small business and focusing on the bad things will only lead to more bad things – try it out if you do not believe. So I took matters into my own hands. I called up a dear friend that I know who has worked in the HVAC industy for a while. Let it be known, I had called a local business to come take a look at my unit and they recommended a new installation that was going to be upwards of 10K with the system I have in the studio.

After the patience of a lifelong friend and a couple of hours on FaceTime, he was able to walk me though and troubleshoot my ac unit. Told me the parts that I needed and helped me install what needed fixed after we found the issue. Needless to say, if you are looking or are in need of any air conditioner repair in Gahanna, get on the phone with

They are located in Ohio and do amazing work. Heck, maybe they will even fix your system via phone and save you some money – LOL

All jokes aside, I thank my old friend from the bottom of my heart. Could not have been blessed more. It pays to know people and keep your connections.

Bart Lichtenauer with South Shore Home Inspections

Bart Lichtenauer with South Shore Home Inspections

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home inspections venice fl

The above logo is what we created for the team over at South Shore Home Inspections in Venice, FL

Q: So tell me about your business a little bit.

A: Well, we are a new startup down in Venice and we were recommended to you from some friends of ours. We are a home inspection company with a range of different inspection services depending on what type of inspection you need done.

Q: How long have you been a home inspector?

A: Funny question. I just became one. I recently have taken and received all of my certification but technically speaking I am a newbie in this industry. Professionally speaking though, I have been in the skill trades industries for over 35 years and have seen it all. I know the hack jobs when I see it and what to look for. Surprisingly, even though being in and around the different trades for all of those years and seeing everything, I still learned a heck of a lot more than I thought I was going to.

Q: What made you get in to being an inspector?

A: To be honest it is my health. I had a surgery a few years back and it has taken a toll on my body more than expected. That, coupled with the fact that I am not getting any younger, I decided to take what I love and still be able to put it to good use. I am a people person at heart so still being able to carry on day to day and interact with others while not adding the extra wear and tear on myself was a perfect decision.

Q: You originally told me that you were not from Florida, care to elaborate on that?

A: Sure. We relocated looking more towards the future and retirement. We are from Ohio and were always going to eventually make the move south, we just did not know where. We looked at the Carolina’s and Georgia, but ended up settling on Florida – but hey, they are all warmer than Ohio so you wont catch us complaining.

Q: What do you like most about your logo design?

A: We liked the colors. It was funny because the colors that we ended up choosing, we did not realize till after they were the ones we liked that they are similar to Florida Gators team colors. We swear that was not a planned thing. Funny and true story.

Q: For anyone in the southwest Florida area needing an inspection, where can they get a hold of you?

A: They can either visit our site at or visit our Facebook Page – Thanks!


How I Got My First Profoto by A Friend Getting His Furnace Repaired!

How I Got My First Profoto by A Friend Getting His Furnace Repaired!

Yes, you read it right. We are all familiar with the flagship of studio strobes or even taking it on location. The Profoto B1’s are still the industry standard for OCF. If you are unfamiliar with them, I would definitely recommend checking out the Profoto site or even some YouTube vids (you will love them).

furnace repair lancaster oh

Now on to the story that is almost unbelievable.

So I have a friend that is a photographer as well and a pretty successful one at that. His list of gear is something to make one drool over and hes been at it for quite some time. He will admit he is a gear junkie and most definitely has more than he needs but c’mon, they are adult toys.  Now he lives in a warmer climate but is originally from Alaska where he has another home. He has a hand full of B1’s (don’t we wish we all did?) and had left one up in Alaska. Traveling a lot back north he keeps some extra equipment in the home. Temperatures in Alaska are nothing that I would ever want to get used to and possibly ever visit, even though I’ve heard it is quite beautiful there.


His home is usually set at a temperature that stays above freezing but not too high to save on the bills. One trip home he was surprised to find out that his furnace had stopped working. There had been no heat in his home and needless to say things were a bit frozen. He had not known how long the furnace had stopped working for but it had to have been a little chunk of time as there was literally ice in certain parts of the home. He said he had laughed but at the same time did not know where to start with the disaster. First thing was first though and he had to call a contractor that did furnace repair. He went ahead  and got in touch with the HVAC guy and got a piece of the problem started.

Being a photographer he naturally went to check his stuff. From what I heard some stuff was damaged and did not repair. The Profoto equipment was pretty scary as well but he said he had left it sit while the heating guy fixed his furnace and had it run and thaw out everything. He was scared that if any of the elements inside of the strobe were frozen, messing with it could potentially break it for good if it wasn’t already. Once the furnace repair was finished and everything checked out and was running as should be, he left to stay with someone else. The next morning things were a little “wet” to say the least. Some stuff was damaged in the home from water but luckily the Profoto made it through the home blizzard and flood. It fired up and everything was in excellent working condition. As a joke (kinda, lol) I ended up telling him he should just give it to me so nothing like that happened to it again. By my surprise he said yes! I felt like I just proposed and got the woman of my dreams and her name was Foto… Profoto that is hahah. Hey, looks like it pays to have great friends that use great gear. This also goes to show the durability and what a Profoto can go through. I am not certain, but I think it is same to assume that other strobes may not have survived the havoc.

Kory Elleby with Sunshine Electrical Services

Kory Elleby with Sunshine Electrical Services

Starting a business is tough work let alone getting all the other things lined up to help brand your business and get it running smoothly. Kory is the owner of an electrical company in Southwest Florida and has a successful past in the field as well. Here is what Kory had to say…


Above is the logo we can up with for Kory and his business. Interview follows and how we came up with the concept.


Q: So Kory, how long have you been in the electrical business?

A: I have been doing electrical work pushing near 30 years now.

Q: Have you always done your trade in Florida?

A: Shane to be honest we just moved down to Florida in a home we had away from home. We lived in Illinois and ran a successful electrical company with a partnership of some family members.  We figured we were not getting any younger and had the home down in Florida so we thought it was time to pack up and head south to the warmer weather before winter came along. Those mid-east winters are no joke!

Q: How did you come up with your business name?

A: Well, since we were south now and in the “Sunshine State”, seemed fitting to have it incorporated into our name.

Q: What did you like most about your logo concept we came up with?

A: I liked the sun rays coming off of the name. That added touch is simple, yet fitting with the name.

Q: What types of services do you offer with your electrical company?

A: We offer a wide range of different things. Too many to get into but anything from basic to advanced. We pretty much cover it all being an industrial, commercial, and residential electrician.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most with your business in 2016?

A: Starting up new from what we had before has been slow but I am actually looking forward to being able to providing my services in the warmth and not having to fight the snow and cold like I previously did for many years.

Who is Shane Wasik?

Who is Shane Wasik?

So, you have made it to my site.

Let me start off my first thanking you for being here.

Hi, my name is Shane Wasik and I am a professional photographer and graphic design artist. I specialize in commercial photography and logo design. I have been in the photography field for roughly ten years now. I started out as a hobbyist and quickly grew in to much more. I love everything photography but I love designing logos even more. I will be posting for the most part just work that I am currently on and new logo designs from clients of mine. Typically on the post I will have a short interview with the client, what industy they are in, why they do what they do, and so on just to get a feel of the client and the logo or work I have done for them. If anyone is in the need for a logo concept, you can hit me up on the contact page to get in touch and we can go from there. Again, thanks for making your way to my site and I hope to work with you soon!