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New Studio Addition!

New Studio Addition!

There’s a lot to building.

I have almost completed my project. In my last post about cleaning your studio flooring, I did not mention the reason I was doing so. We have almost completed our latest project.

I found a few different blueprint ideas from Pinterest and we made an addition on to the studio. It’s not quite complete but almost. I am on one of the last steps that have given me issues but, I an so thankful for the help and guidance. We hired a Lancaster home inspector and some of the additions did not pass and could have given us some major problems if we did not see them. We are thankful that the inspection had someone with a trained eye and experience in the construction field. The mistakes that were made during out building process were not a big impact now but in the short-long run, may have left us without our studio and new addition.

We actually bought the blueprints that were already a custom made ready to download kind of deal.

Although it is not complete as of yet, I will be sure to make a post once the finished product is here. Still in the middle of passing this inspection that we failed.

Hey they say everything happens for a reason, right? I am taking the reason we failed a GOOD sign and that someone is looking out for my studio and everyone a part of it. Anyway, the main purpose of this short post was to let you know some insider news about what I am keeping myself busy with at the moment…. and because I was a little bored, I will admit it. Another big shout out the the inspector man, that is going to keep me keeping on and not having my place go down in a blazing fire of glory. Thank you for the job well done and we appreciate your services. We will be keeping out fingers crossed for when you come back.

Till the next time my friends. Have a great weekend!

New Carpet, Clean Carpet, or Hard Flooring? – Which for the studio?

New Carpet, Clean Carpet, or Hard Flooring? – Which for the studio?

Aggghh! Decisions, decision.

So I have seen this topic come up a time or two around the web on different blogs, forums and so on. What is the type of flooring to have in a photo studio? The thing about all of the different talk about the options was that there was never a clear answer. If you have stumbled upon this in any way looking for a definite answer, turn back now lol.

I am in no way, shape, or form going to be giving an indefinite answer to this but, I just felt like giving my opinion on the situation.

New Carpet

Carpeting can be expensive. It all depends on the type of carpet you want as well as the size of the room, not to mention if you are installing this carpeting on your own or having to pay someone to install it for you. Now for each of these different flooring options, a big factor is going to be how your studio is set up and the space that you have in it.

 The average carpet cost for a 16 x 16 room is anywhere from $1200 – $1400. However you look at this and which ever way you decide to go, you must look at this as an investment in your business. Hey, you can write all of this off too 🙂

Installing new carpet in your studio I would personally keep two things in mind.

One: The quality of the carpet

Two: The color of the carpet

I do not know about you but I have a lot of equipment to be moving around in my studio and this also does not account for the foot traffic. So the average cost could go up depending on the quality of the carpet you are looking to install. Personally, I would not skimp on the quality, I mean you are in photography and we all know you get what you pay for. Sliding things around and heavy foot traffic will take a toll on your flooring so keep this in mind when making a purchase decision.


Hardwood or Concrete

Having hardwood flooring can also be expensive to install. Now for the same 16 x 16 room, hardwood can be upwards of $4000 to install. Is it a better option though?

Again, this all depends on a lot of different factors. Taking in to account again the moving of materials and foot traffic, people walking all over the hardwood does not really have a big impact on the floor in my unprofessional flooring opinion but, your equipment could possibly make more of a problem on the flooring. I personally know of other studios that have hardwood and the floor has taken somewhat of a beating.

On the other hand, just removing the carpet and flooring and having a concrete floor is inexpensive and will have little to no damage to the floor. In this case though, your floor can just look kind of ehhh. So make sure this sticks in the back of your mind if this is the route you are wanting to go.

Cleaning your existing carpets

This option seems nice and is fairly inexpensive as having your carpets professional cleaned. Take this carpet cleaner in Pickerington OH for example. You can have your old, dirty carpets looking good as new for a few hundred dollars at most. Not only will you get all of the stains, dirt, and grime out of your carpet from moving things around and clients walking all over them, the carpet will look and smell good as new in most cases. Having a pro come in and clean them, most also have other services for your furniture as well. Having this done perhaps once a year is not a bad thing if you have different upholstered props your clients use. I am guilty of not having things cleaned and the more I looked into this, I am sure my clients will appreciate me having stuff tidy up a bit more.

carpet cleaning pickerington ohio


To sum all of this up. I believe that having your carpets and furniture cleaned. This is the option that I will choose to go in the near future. Everything said, if your studio is big enough for it, I would mix all of this up a bit and have all different options in the studio. Not only will if look nice, but it will diversify your sets and give you an endless opportunity to have different looking shoots all under one roof.