How I Got My First Profoto by A Friend Getting His Furnace Repaired!

How I Got My First Profoto by A Friend Getting His Furnace Repaired!

Yes, you read it right. We are all familiar with the flagship of studio strobes or even taking it on location. The Profoto B1’s are still the industry standard for OCF. If you are unfamiliar with them, I would definitely recommend checking out the Profoto site or even some YouTube vids (you will love them).

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Now on to the story that is almost unbelievable.

So I have a friend that is a photographer as well and a pretty successful one at that. His list of gear is something to make one drool over and hes been at it for quite some time. He will admit he is a gear junkie and most definitely has more than he needs but c’mon, they are adult toys.  Now he lives in a warmer climate but is originally from Alaska where he has another home. He has a hand full of B1’s (don’t we wish we all did?) and had left one up in Alaska. Traveling a lot back north he keeps some extra equipment in the home. Temperatures in Alaska are nothing that I would ever want to get used to and possibly ever visit, even though I’ve heard it is quite beautiful there.


His home is usually set at a temperature that stays above freezing but not too high to save on the bills. One trip home he was surprised to find out that his furnace had stopped working. There had been no heat in his home and needless to say things were a bit frozen. He had not known how long the furnace had stopped working for but it had to have been a little chunk of time as there was literally ice in certain parts of the home. He said he had laughed but at the same time did not know where to start with the disaster. First thing was first though and he had to call a contractor that did furnace repair. He went ahead  and got in touch with the HVAC guy and got a piece of the problem started.

Being a photographer he naturally went to check his stuff. From what I heard some stuff was damaged and did not repair. The Profoto equipment was pretty scary as well but he said he had left it sit while the heating guy fixed his furnace and had it run and thaw out everything. He was scared that if any of the elements inside of the strobe were frozen, messing with it could potentially break it for good if it wasn’t already. Once the furnace repair was finished and everything checked out and was running as should be, he left to stay with someone else. The next morning things were a little “wet” to say the least. Some stuff was damaged in the home from water but luckily the Profoto made it through the home blizzard and flood. It fired up and everything was in excellent working condition. As a joke (kinda, lol) I ended up telling him he should just give it to me so nothing like that happened to it again. By my surprise he said yes! I felt like I just proposed and got the woman of my dreams and her name was Foto… Profoto that is hahah. Hey, looks like it pays to have great friends that use great gear. This also goes to show the durability and what a Profoto can go through. I am not certain, but I think it is same to assume that other strobes may not have survived the havoc.

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