Making Your Studio Comfortable For Clients

Making Your Studio Comfortable For Clients

I wanted to talk about someone special to me today. A friend that has given me guidance when needed and help inside of my studio from time to time. Recently, our studio was a mess. Not the mess in a dirty kind of way, but a mess with keeping my clients comfortable while actually inside of the studio. Our air conditioning went out and the building is very well insulated. We had a few warmer days and the office became more like a sauna than a photography studio.

We do not know the luxury that comes with being able to regulate the temperature of our area until we are no longer able to do so. The AC went out a couple of months back but I did not have a reason to use it so it had slipped my mind. Then came the mini heat wave. I had to reschedule multiple appointments solely because it was just not going to be comfortable in the studio to work, nor would it be for the clients. This impacted my month drastically.

Times will get tough for any small business and focusing on the bad things will only lead to more bad things – try it out if you do not believe. So I took matters into my own hands. I called up a dear friend that I know who has worked in the HVAC industy for a while. Let it be known, I had called a local business to come take a look at my unit and they recommended a new installation that was going to be upwards of 10K with the system I have in the studio.

After the patience of a lifelong friend and a couple of hours on FaceTime, he was able to walk me though and troubleshoot my ac unit. Told me the parts that I needed and helped me install what needed fixed after we found the issue. Needless to say, if you are looking or are in need of any air conditioner repair in Gahanna, get on the phone with

They are located in Ohio and do amazing work. Heck, maybe they will even fix your system via phone and save you some money – LOL

All jokes aside, I thank my old friend from the bottom of my heart. Could not have been blessed more. It pays to know people and keep your connections.

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